Department of

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

Internet: Both the campuses are under a well-structured cabling system. 100 to 1000 Mbps (minimum) connectivity is provided throughout the network.100 Mbps Internet connectivity is available throughout the campus.

Servers: Two massive HP ProLiant servers with maximum 256 GB RAM run the university’s internal and external applications. Besides we have 4 (Four) virtual server. We also have Smart HP Rack (42U Server Rack) which can contain more than 40 servers. Still, now we have several servers named DBS1 (Database Server), DBS2 (Database), Application Server, PDC (Primary Domain Controller) Server, ADC (Additional Domain Controller) Server, HRM management server and MikroTik Server.

CAN & Wi-Fi: All of our Lab computers have high-speed internet connectivity. Nowadays most of the students use smartphone and laptop. For that, we have Wi-Fi coverage in most of the open places in our campus like corridors, cafeteria, library etc. In those open places, students, as well as faculty members, can get Wi-Fi connectivity.

Software & Printing: All the Lab computers and faculty Software are licensed under the Microsoft Imagine Program. This Web-store was made available exclusively through an agreement between our academic institution and Microsoft. Every Student can use the latest version of Operating System, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Linux Operating System and all others necessary software.

Digital UMS: BUBT has already developed complete automation software for the university through the software development and maintenance team. We are operating Controller of Examination Software, Accounts Software, Admission and Registration Software, Payroll and HRM. The team also maintains attendance software. Besides, they run NXBUBT. With this module, students can see the results, dues, grade sheet, tuition fee etc. from online. The team always works for complete campus automation system.

Programming Zone: We arranged ACM ICPC 2014 in December 2014. Besides, several times we arrange NCPC (National Collegiate Programming Contest). We arranged BAPS-BUBT-2016 and BACS-BUBT-2017 programming Camps which were five- day long program. Besides, we arrange intra university programming contest every semester in which teams who placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions get financial benefits from the university. On the other hand, we arrange an extra training session for the students who are interested in programming.

Microsoft DreamSpark: Software’s licensed under the Microsoft Imagine Program are available here for students, faculty members, and staffs. This website is made available exclusively through an agreement between our academic institution and Microsoft. Every Student can download all Microsoft developed Operating Systems (Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 etc.), Development Tools (Visual Studio Enterprise 2017,SQL Server 2017 Enterprise, System Center 2017 etc.) Training (Microsoft Azure etc), Applications (Visio 2016, Access 2013, Project 2013, Microsoft office, etc.).