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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

A mini project is defined as a project covers partial graduate attributes (POs) and knowledge profile by the students. Usually mini project is essentially given to the students of first, second and third besides their lab or sessional works.

A Mini Project should be presented on any topic related to CO3 in a group of two/three focusing on the course outcome, CO3. Finally a project report based on the presented project must be submitted to receive the grade.

 A project presentation must contain the following:

1.        Title Page (Project title, Student(s) name and ID with department name & BUBT logo)

2.    Background, Motivation and Objectives

3.    Literature Review

4.    Methodology (Block diagram)

5.    Proposed method (Block diagram)

6.    Simulation / Hardware Prototype

7.    Results and Discussions

8.    Conclusion

 A project report must be submitted according to the following format:

1.    Project Title, Student(s) name and ID with department name & BUBT logo

2.    Introduction

3.    Background, Motivation and Objectives

4.    Literature Review

5.    Methodology

6.    Proposed method

7.    Simulation / Hardware Prototype

8.    Results and Discussions

9.    Socio-economic Impact

10. Environmental impact & Sustainability

11. Conclusion

12. References