Department of

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), BUBT is conducting the following research projects for the final year students. The potential student is required to submit a research proposal citing problem statement, research methodology, research objectives and outcome. The concerned project supervisor is responsible to guide the students for a significant contribution aiming to research publication. A guideline for the student’s research proposal is as follows.

Design of Underground Power Cable Suitable for Dhaka City

Objectives: Due to rapid socio-economic and urban developments, it becomes a vital concern to replace the existing overhead distribution system of densely populated Dhaka city.


Problem Statement: In order to design an efficient, low cost and sustainable distribution underground power cable, the vital question is how to correlate the facts of local weather condition, geo-thermal effect, electrical & thermal fluctuation, potential hazards, access & routing etc. with electrical, mechanical, thermal and economic performance of the cable. 


Research Methodology: To review literature on cable development, local power systems, government policy etc. and accordingly design the project with a proper mathematical model and analytical process based on available or self-designed modeling tools.


Research Outcome: To obtain a justified performance of power cable in terms of current distribution, efficiency, voltage regulation, dielectric strength, mechanical strength, corrosion, costing, durability, hazards etc.


Qualifications: The potential student is required to possess knowledge of first principles of physics, mathematics and engineering along with engineering specialty on the subject covers the current project topic. The student must be motivated to develop complex engineering knowledge & skill, attitude and ethical behavior and life-long learning aptitude. To have an overview of the current developments of engineering application and technology locally and globally is a must to be familiar with the research problems and challenges.

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