Power System Protection & ETAP Lab

Step into the realm of electrical engineering excellence with our state-of-the-art Power Systems and Power Protection lab facilities tailored for undergrad students. These cutting-edge facilities offer a hands-on experience, allowing students to explore the intricate world of power distribution and protection. Equipped with the latest technology and simulation tools, students gain practical insights into designing resilient power systems. The labs cover a spectrum of topics, from understanding the fundamentals of electrical power to implementing advanced protection strategies against unforeseen disruptions. Engaging in real-world scenarios, undergraduates develop the skills necessary to ensure the reliability and stability of power networks. Our Power Systems lab is more than a learning space; it’s a launchpad for aspiring engineers to innovate and shape the future of energy distribution.

Conducting Courses 

Power System Protection Lab (EEE-482)

Power System I Lab (EEE 306)