Department of

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

In order to undertake extra and co-curricular activities, BUBT has established the following clubs and teams for the students.

  • Business Club
  • Cultural Club
  • Debating Club
  • IT Club 
  • Language Club
  • Rover Scout
  • Sports Club
  • Social Welfare Club
  • Economics Club
  • Blood Donation Club
  • EEE Club 

The EEE BUBT team secured the championship in the Autonomous Robotics Challenge Competition – ‘Techkriti 2017’ @ Kanpur, India


The BUBT EEE CLUB of Bangladesh University of Business & Technology was established (officially) in the year of 2016. The club has been established mainly for academic purposes including robotics and artificial intelligence. It organizes various activities such as Robotics Competition, Training, Seminar & workshop, Electrical & Electronic Olympiad and Math & Physics Olympiad. It also arranges welfare pack distributions, annual EEE Week and EEE DAY. The club organized EEE DAY 2017 with great success.

The members of EEE CLUB of  BUBT participated in different national and international project show casing competitions like robotic competitions under the banner of robotic group of BUBT EEE CLUB and brought name and fame for BUBT by securing First, Second and Third positions in different events. Major contributions of BUBT EEE CLUB, so far, have been listed below. 

Name of the Event Date Venue / Organizer Team Title Position
RMA Roborace 2013 04 May 2014 Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) Team Cybertron Champion
RMA Robomafia 08 Jan 2016 Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) WinRAR – 09 1st Runner-up
Global Robotics Challenge – Bangladesh Round 09 Feb 2016 Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) Foring Champion
Science Festival 17 Mar 2016 Dhaka University Neutral Champion
Robo Run segment of Inter-University Tech Fest 21 Apr 2016 Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) WinRAR – 09 2ndRunner-up
Mecceleration 2016 22 Jul 2016 Islamic University of Technology (IUT) WinRAR – 09 Runner-up
Essonance Robomania V3.0 Roborace 02 Sep 2016 Islamic University of Technology (IUT) BUBT Beginner Runner-up
Race for Glory 30 Nov 2016 BUET Robotics Society WinRAR – 09 Champion
Rescue Bot Challenge 01 Dec 2016 BUET Robotics Society WinRAR – 09 2nd Runner-up
Engenius 2017 Roborace 04 Feb 2017 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology BUBT Beginner Champion
International Robotics Contest 2016 IIT, Kanpur WinRAR – 09 Champion
International Robotics Contest 2018 IIT, Kanpur BUBT Explision 2nd Runner-up
DUET Tech Fest 2018 DUET BUBT Explision 1st Runner-up